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Roger Thrush


Roger A. Thrush, Ph.D., CRC, LPCC, is a vocational rehabilitation expert in Southern California. He has been providing litigation support to plaintiff and defendant attorneys for over 30 years. Call to discuss your litigation matter.

For the past 38 years Roger A. Thrush, Ph.D., CRC, LPCC has provided vocational rehabilitation counseling and case management, job analyses, disability management consulting, training, litigation support including vocational rehabilitation expert witness services in San Diego, Southern California and across the United States from La Mesa, California in San Diego County, California.

Dr. Thrush started his career identifying and coordinating vocational counseling and rehabilitation services to industrially injured workers on behalf of California’s largest Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. He developed, implemented, and coordinated the first disability management “return to work” program for all staff and faculty at the University of California-Irvine campus and medical center. Since 1982, his company has been providing vocational rehabilitation counseling and vocational rehabilitation expert witness services in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Dr. Thrush has consulted with and has lectured and trained professionals across the United States and Canada on topics such as ADA essential function identification, reasonable accommodations, the interactive process, performing and preparing written job descriptions/job analyses for the industrial setting, ergonomic analyses, and vocational rehabilitation evaluation processes.

Dr. Thrush is a California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), and nationally Board Certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Board Certified as a Disability Management Specialist (CDMS), Board Certified as a Master Career Counselor (MCC), Board Certified in Rehabilitation Economics (CRE) and is nationally recognized as a job analyst, lecturer, trainer and author.

Dr. Thrush’s book, ADA Essential Function Identification, A Definitive Application of Title I, is a technical self-study text on the why’s, what’s, and how-to’s of performing and writing job analyses.

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